A collection of personal projects and compiled information from the field of IT.



Wireless HID keystroke injector with a remote payload interface


Wi-Fi Probe Request reconnaissance tool

Data Security

An extensive introduction to data security.


A cross-platform cookbook app with .NET MAUI


A wireless HID keystroke injector solution with a remote payload interface. This was coded in Go, but the project is not finalized yet. While the core functionality is complete there is still a long list of features in my backlog. The project is based on a Linux SBC mimicks a HID device over USB and is capable of receiving payloads from an onboard WNIC.

hidninja architecture
hidninja webui


A python based tool which serves the purpose to showcase the amount of data a Wi-Fi enabled device might reveal about the user. It does so by capturing probe request frames, extracting the SSID value, send it to Wigle to retrieve geographic information of the SSID location, and then show it along with other data on a Map with the help of the Google Maps API.

argos web ui

Data Security Intro

A website that shows you the basic key concepts of data security. This isn't aimed at senior security engineers but rather people that have some technical knowledge and look for an introduction the exciting world of data security.

You are guided in six parts through theoretical and practical information and examples. Additionally, you will be shown how to hone your skills with the help of Webgoat, Over The Wire (OTW), Metasploitable 2, etc.


A simple experiment for a cross-platform application made with .NET MAUI Blazor to manage your cooking recipes and search & import new ones from external sources. The app works on Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Tizen.

OctoCook uses the Spoonacular API for the recipe search. There is an option to import and export your recipes to and from backups (in the AppData directory). Your recipe collection is stored directly in a local SQLite database.

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Why such a weird domain name? It is short and simple, literally. The number 37 ist not only interesting in the aspects of mathematics, but also one of the most common numbers given by people when they are asked for a random two digit number (blue-seven phenomenon). I guess it isn't that random after all.